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Diteco Ingeniería, Newell, Trefasa, Plásticos Coyma, Promociones Coma, Sidenor Industrial, GAITEGI, Papelera del Nervión, S.A., Herramientas Bilbainas LUMI, S.A., RACING TOLUA, S.L., Transportes OPELBI, S.L., ROZAURE, S.L.


The objective of these projects is to determine soil quality and levels of contamination, and to establish the measures for soil decontamination and protection. EKOTEK has carried out the entire project, consisting of the following phases: the Exploratory Phase, including historical studies and sampling, and the Detailed Phase, including drilling, and ending with the obtaining of the land quality certificate.


Since Law 1/2005 for the prevention and correction of soil pollution came into force, there are many companies that, with the help of EKOTEK's projects, have received a land quality certificate that certifies that their premises are apt for future uses.