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Development of a simplified life cycle assesment tool for the evaluation of the sustainability of the biofuels


EKOTEK, in its line of giving solutions to mitigate the climate change and improve the sustainability in various sectors, has developed and validated a software tool for assessing and improving biofuels sustainability on the basis of life cycle assessment methodology (LCA). As the main innovation, apart from being a tool specifically designed and developed for the Biofuels Sector, the tool will not only consider environmental indicators, but also economic and social indicators, which are considered to be of great importance given the characteristics of the sector..


The result of the project is a web-based tool specifically developed for the Biofuels Sector, which allows to simulate and analyze different scenarios of development, production and use of biofuels from the point of view of the three pillars of the sustainability (environmental, economic and social). For this, the tool is based on life cycle assessment methodologies and the definition and development of specific indicators, what allow including any impact produced at any stage of the life cycle of the biofuel. Thus, this application becomes a powerful decision-making tool for different user profiles (transport companies, public administrations, fuel producers, and in general all those organizations or agents of the transport sector’s value chain) to improve sustainability in the Transport and Biofuels Sector. It is an independent and partially configurable application in which each user will be able to configure certain system data in order to suit his needs.