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European "EUREKA" project for energy production from waste using plasma gasification technology


The main objective of the project consists in the design and development of a system to treat waste and recover the energy contained in them, based on plasma gasification technology. This technology is an innovative alternative to existing systems for use and elimination of waste, with minimum environmental impact. For its development, we have collaborated with Tetronics (Great Britain) and the Solena Group (USA), adapting this technology for energy recovery from organic waste and optimising the key process parameters..


The “EUREKA” project has allowed EKOTEK to offer an economically- feasible system with minimum environmental impact for energy recovery from various waste types, such as industrial waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), hospital waste, specified risk material (SRM), and even Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). In line with current policies based on the 3 R’s concept: "reduce, recycle and reuse", plasma gasification has proven to be one of the cleanest technologies, most efficient and with lower environmental impact, for waste treatment and waste energy recovery. These features mark it as one of the most propitious technologies for the use of waste as a renewable energy source.