EKOTEK Soluciones Medioambientales



EKOTEK is an Engineering and Consultancy company specialized in providing integral and innovative solutions for the Environmental and Energy sectors at international level.


Since EKOTEK’s inception in the year 1998, we have followed a strategy of international consolidation and technological innovation that has led us to develop our projects in a wide geographic market: China, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Italy, etc.


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the environmental sector, offering integral solutions with EKOTEK’s own technology.


Our strategy is linked to the development of projects in international markets with high level of innovation. The challenge for the future is to consolidate our international presence with our projects and technologies and obtain recognition by our stakeholders as an innovative company and model of sustainable development. For this reason, EKOTEK has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

International Market

During our wide business development, we have developed projects in more than 20 countries throughout the world: China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Senegal, etc.


EKOTEK maintains permanent cooperation with multilateral funding agencies, having developed projects with United Nations, European Commission, FAO, etc

Awards and Prizes: Innovation and Excelence in Management

Thanks to the experience we have gained during the development of our activities, and with a permanent commitment to continuous improvement in the achievement of all of our objectives, EKOTEK has at its disposal advanced technical and administrative resources, of which the following deserve special mention:

  • ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • ISO 14001 and EMAS II certifications
  • RD&I Management System (UNE 166002:2002 EX)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility System (CSR), according to Xertatu Programme of DFB
  • Specialised hardware and advanced software tools for process calculation, modelling and simulation, project management… (GESIP, PRESTO, ASPEN, etc.)

In addition, EKOTEK has reached collaboration agreements with other entities, in order to offer an integral service to our customers, including chemical analyses, drilling works, etc.


EKOTEK's professional trajectory has been rewarded on many occasions by awards that confirm the high standards of its work in all of its fields of activity:

  • The “Developer of the Year” prize for technological innovation in 1998, conceded by Erns & Young.
  • In 2002, we received the Prize for Business Trajectory from the Diputacion Foral de Biskaia (Biscay Provincial Deputation).
  • Our innovations and social commitment were recognised in 2003, by the award of the Begizta Label (awarded by the Public Company Beaz, SA).
  • Recognition by the Novia Salcedo Foundation for social and professional integration of young people, in 2005
  • The “Luis Olartua” Prize for Business Development and Ethics, awarded by AVIC ("Asociación Vasca de Empresas de Ingeniería y Consultoría", the Basque Association of Engineering and Consultancy Companies) in 2006.
  • Marco Gangoiti” Prize for the Economic Development and Innovation in 2007.
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