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In EKOTEK, we believe in innovation and technological development as a way to incorporate innovative technologies in the environmental sector, promoting sustainable development and continuous improvement of the products and services that we offer to our customers.

To achieve this objective, EKOTEK counts with an experienced R&D+i department that works in the execution of technological development projects in collaboration with other entities at international level, incorporating the best technologies in all the projects that we undertake.

EKOTEK has a wide experience in leading technological research and development projects in collaboration with Public Administrations, Universities, Technology Centres and Private Companies at international level.

As result of this intensive research work, EKOTEK has a wide range of own technologies in order to offer our customers the best solutions to their needs.

BIOREMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE RECLAMATION OF CONTAMINATED SOILS Biological reclamation system of contaminated soils using compost that reduces the treatment time and improves the cleanup level in comparison to other conventional treatments.
WASTE TO ENERGY PLANTS USING PLASMA GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGY Minimum environmental impact system, versatile, effective and with high energy yield for treating diverse wastes (MSW, industrial wastes, etc.).
CLOSED DISCONTINUOUS BIOREACTORS FOR IN-SITU TREATMENT OF ORGANIC WASTES IN LIVESTOCK FARMS Innovative solid phase biodegradation technology in closed discontinuous bioreactors as a biological and biosafe alternative to incineration, for the in-situ removal of organic wastes produced in farms, mainly carcases.
BIOSENSORS FOR PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL RISKS IN WATER New detection methods that permit a rapid detection of pathogens in water by using micro and nano technologies.
DNA BIOSENSORS FOR DETECTION OF PATHOGENS IN FOODS New highly effective biosensors for the Agrifood Sector for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms in foods.
WEB BASED TOOLS FOR LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY EVALUATION Powerful decision-making tools based on sustainability criteria and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, specifically developed for certain sectors, such as transport and biofuels, cement industry, nanotechnology, etc.