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Projects for diagnosis and the preparation of master plans for integral waste management


With the aim of providing integral solutions, EKOTEK can carry out all stages from environmental diagnosis of the existing management models through to the preparation of Integral Master Plans for the waste management in a zone, region or state. The projects we have undertaken run from the identification of the resources and infrastructures required to implement a sustainable management system, to the development of the engineering and implementation of the proposed solutions, assisting the different entities in the search for investment plan funding..


In the context of these activities, EKOTEK has prepared, among others, the Waste Management Master Plans for the Province of Sichuan (China), a highly-industrialised area with a population of 87 million inhabitants. In addition, Master Plans have been developed for the towns of Luzhou, Yibin and Panzhihua, with 5, 4 and 1.5 million inhabitants, respectively.