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Regenerable active polyelectrolite nanofiltration membranes for water reuse and metal/acid recovery


This European Project will apply new nanotechnology tools, namely layer-by-layer technology (LbL) technology, for the development of a novel generation of low-cost, stable and chemical resistant polyelectrolyte membranes. These PEM membranes shall show superior performance, an extended lifespan and a competitive price compared to commercially available ones. The project thus looks into the full range of relevant aspects: exploring the technology of membrane modification, through to structural module design and finally pilot plant testing by end-users, also having regard to life cycle assessment and nanosafety issues..


The ultimate goal, and main expected result, is the production of a high performance regenerable membranes to be cleaned in-situ, and hybrid membranes with extremely high flux or high permselectivity and mechanical robustness. The project contributes to solve one of the key social issues by making the safe and pure water more accessible, both in developed and in undeveloped countries. The membranes fabricated have an increased antibacterial action and enhanced and unique filtration capacity determined by the nanoscale control of the membrane architecture. This makes them particularly suitable for the removal of drugs, pesticides, and chemicals from industrial processes. Moreover, the results will help European membrane producer to increase their competitiveness in the market providing better products and dedicated filtration systems with enhanced performance.