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“IBEROEKA” project for the development of new biological fungicides using advanced biotechnological processes


The aim of this project is the production of new bio-active compounds with potential fungicide activity to avoid two of the most devastating diseases that attack crops: Mildew in potatoes and tomatoes, and Black Sigatoka in plants of the genus Musa (bananas and plantains). Large-scale production of these new products will be developed by means of the design and start up of advanced biotechnological processes. The project includes the demonstration of the effectiveness of the resulting products in potato and tomato crops in Europe, and in banana and plantain production in Cuba..


EKOTEK offers a new, highly-specific, innocuous plant health product that can be used for prevention and treatment of agricultural crops. This biological fungicide is seen as a solution to the need for new biological products to replace chemicals, given the evident lack of products of these characteristics in the market.