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Towards the circular economy in the Basque paper sector: Recovery and use of high added value compounds present in the industrial streams of pulp and paper manufacturing


The main objective of the REPAPEL project is the development of technologies for the recovery and use of high added value compounds present in the industrial streams of pulp and paper manufacturing, looking for the circular economy in the Basque paper sector. Within this project, different technical, economic and environmentally solutions will be defined to provide a global solution to the reduction of waste, the improvement of processes and the manufacture of products with better performance and more sustainable. The specific objectives of the REPAPEL project are the following: 1. Investigate, develop and test on a laboratory scale different treatment processes for the waste generated in the pulp and paper production industry 2. Evaluate innovative, efficient and transversal technologies 3. Research and develop innovative technologies for converting materials embedded in waste into high value-added products such as new formulations in concrete, bituminous mixtures, flocculants, surfactants, and 2,3-BDO. 4. Develop a new DSS (Decision Support System) tool to select the best recovery alternatives combining economic and environmental criteria, allowing the integration of all the solutions investigated. 5. Determine the viability and competitiveness of the defined solutions. .


With the execution of the REPAPEL project, not only the Basque Country will be promoted towards a circular economy, but it is also committed to intensifying the bioeconomy model. The Basque Country will be positioned in Europe as a benchmark region in circular economy, where the respect for the environment will be a key factor for the sustainability, competitiveness and job creation. The Basque Country will progress towards an economy in which economic growth will be decoupled from the consumption of natural resources, the generation of waste and the emission of greenhouse gases.