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Recuperation and rehabilitation of contaminated areas in the city of Dhaka (Bangladesh)


The presence of a large textile industry with no environmental management of any kind has led to the appearance of numerous contaminated areas in the city of Dhaka (Bangladesh), that have a serious effect on the health of the population living in these areas. Via this project, the recuperation and subsequent rehabilitation of these contaminated industrial areas has been undertaken, applying innovative European technologies such as EKOTEK's compost bioremediation treatment to treat both organic and inorganic compounds in the contaminated soil..


Thanks to this project, the concentrations of organic compounds and heavy metals such as Cr, Cd, Pb or As have been reduced to safe levels in two areas of the city of Dhaka (Hazaribagh and Tejgaon). The concentrations of these heavy metals in underground water has been reduced by 95% thanks to the soil treatment used, obtaining standards of quality in the underground water that make it suitable for human consumption.