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Optimization of biodegradation process in closed discontinuous bioreactors for the in-situ disposal of organic wastes in poultry farms


This project aims to address the important problem of managing the organic wastes produced in farms and related industries, mainly dead animals, since those wastes can cause serious biosecurity risks and constitute dangerous sources of environmental pollution. The project's goal is to provide the European poultry sector with a biosafe and feasible biological method alternative to incineration for the in-situ removal of organic wastes produced in their farms by means of solid phase biodegradation in closed discontinuous reactors..


As result of the project, EKOTEK counts with an innovative technology based on solid phase biodegradation (composting) in closed discontinuous systems as a biological and biosafe alternative for the in-situ removal of organic wastes, mainly dead animals and animals by-products generated in the farms. This environmentally friendly and economically feasible technology offers to the farmers a definitive solution to their waste management problems. In addition, the resulting compost is a high agronomic product suitable for being used in the agriculture for crops fertilization.