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EKOTEKhas carried out numerous implementations of industrial environmental projects, from their design to their entry into service, offering its customers integral services in all phases of the project life cycle, such as Works Management, Technical Assistance, Project Management, etc..


The most relevant activities in this area are:

  • Edition of projects and Technical Dossiers
  • Basic and detailed engineering projects
  • Process modelling
  • Integral Project Management
  • Works management and Technical Assistance
  • Exploitation and investment projects

EKOTEK implements integral projects in the following areas of activity:


EKOTEK has a wide experience in solving environmental problems concerning waste products, using both traditional methods and innovative technologies, such as plasma technology.


EKOTEK´s offer in this area is:

  • Plants to obtain energy from organic waste
  • Preparation of projects to recycle waste
  • Installation for the valorization of industrial by-products
  • Projects for environmental exploitation and investment
  • Integral projects for waste treatment
  • Treatment plants for hazardous waste
  • Technical assistance for Public Authorities: preparation of Master Plans
  • Projects for the treatment, sealing and closing of landfills
  • Technical landfill projects


Using its own technology to clean up contaminated sites, EKOTEK has developed numerous rehabilitation projects for “brownfields” which has contributed to acquiring the experience needed to offer a wide range of services related to the reclamation of contaminated sites:

  • Investigation of the soil quality
  • Preliminary, exploratory and detailed studies
  • Draw-up and execution of turn-key projects for contaminated soils reclamation
  • Technical assistance during works
  • Biological remediation projects, using EKOTEK´s composting technologies


EKOTEK brings a wide range of services to bear in this area of activity, from the characterisation and diagnosis of the problem to the design of corrective measures against atmospheric contamination, while in the case of water, our offer runs from studies to integral projects for water-treatment plants.

  • Studies aimed at minimising emissions to the air
  • Design and works management for water treatment plants and purifying installations
  • Projects involving atmospheric emissions
  • Characterization and monitoring of atmospheric contaminants
  • Dispersion Studies and Air Quality Studies